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  • Long Term Leasing
    Long Term Leasing
  • Short Term Leasing
    Short Term Leasing
  • Long Term Rental
    Long Term Rental

What are the Advantages of Leasing?

  • Lower monthly payments
    Lower monthly payments
  • Fewer maintenance headaches
    Fewer maintenance headaches
  • Lower up-front cash outlay
    Lower up-front cash outlay
  • Lower tax bite
    Lower tax bite
  • No used-car hassles
    No used-car hassles
  • Leverage, the primary advantage of leasing
    Leverage, the primary advantage of leasing

Get the right equipment for your company

You have a business to run, so let Bruce Leasing help you stay focused on managing your company’s vehicle requirements.

Bruce Leasing finds you the right vehicle for your business’ needs. Our trusted staff, like General Manager Glenn Young, have many years of experience. Glenn and his team have helped hundreds of businesses grow by matching them with the right equipment while providing flexible leasing options to keep their cash flow running smoothly.

To help you keep your vehicles in peak condition, our Customer Care Centre will send you reminders when your vehicle requires service.

Whether it is one vehicle for your startup, a heavy truck or a large fleet of specialized equipment, Bruce Leasing will help you get what you need to drive your business.

To speak with Glenn or another member of the Bruce Leasing team, call 1 844 492-7093 or fill out our online contact form today!

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